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getting back into this skater comic I'm working on :)

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Care Bear Stare

went out drinking and drawing with a few friends last night... "Care Bear Stare"
 Also coming up with tattoo ideas for my bicep I call this one Bi-ceps

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hollywood high

I love living in LA and skating all my favorite skate spots I used to see in the videos as a kid.

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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

New comic

I'm trying to work on a new comic. When I design the characters, I usually do them in these really boring standing poses so I can just focus on the design and outfit. It's sort of like a thumbnail or a starting point for me. If I was doing something for a client, I probably wouldn't show them these, but it's how I usually start. I need at least something to look at so I can further develop the character. The final character may look or act nothing like this, but it's sort of like my springboard.

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gesture demo

Here is a demo from tonight's gesture class

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short film

Two of my friends Zane and Lyle are making a short film so I was hanging out with them drawing some characters. The russian is only slightly modified from a design they already had

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