Tuesday, December 1, 2009

More on shapes

Here is some more information on shapes. This stuff is much harder to do. It fights every natural tendency we have as humans to evenly space things and make them the same size.


The Ivanator said...

another great gem.

you've mentioned that you like to watch and copy drawings from what you've seen on Disney movies and whatnot. what do you usually look for? there's a lot of info and can be pretty overwhelming. though this post gives me one "approach" on what to look for.

i would love to hear (or see) your "learning process" to your Appealing Drawing Approach Tutorials.

rad sechrist said...

Ivan, that sounds like a good topic. I'll do my next tutorial post on that.

marco's blog said...

these are great, makes me really miss your visits to my classroom.
thanks for posting these

Jason Scheier said...

very cool

flaviano said...

fantastic! i share this with my storyboarder friends.
i second the Ivan request, ewxpecially on eyes and mouth expression.