Thursday, December 10, 2009

Story class

I'll be teaching "Story Development for Animation" next term at Concept design academy.


Alex said...

Amazing stuff!

Samanta Erdini said...

Hey Thanks I can really learn more here with your posts!

You have a Great Blog!!!


XAV said...

eheh, so funny man !

The Ivanator said...

I was wondering if I can email you some of my stuffs to see if you think I can benefit from your class.

or maybe I should be working getting good drawings out of the way first.

rad sechrist said...

Alex, Samanta, Xav: thanks guys

Hey Ivan, you are more than ready to take a story class. It's more about your ideas. Better drawing skills will only help you, but they are not necessary for feature animation boarding. Plus, storyboards force you to look at drawing in a very simple way because you have to redraw the character in multiple poses. It can be a very helpful learning tool.

Jason Scheier said...

haha!! That was great Rad! :) Congratulations on your class! I'm certain that it will be a great one!

Lubomir said...

Rad, these boards are so much fun to go through. I really like the way the witch comic is turning out, are you self publishing it? Is it a graphic novel?


-chris boylan- said...

I can't take the class unfortunately. However this format is very clear and easy for me to understand. I would totally purchase your notes in an online pdf if you made them available.

I want more!

rad sechrist said...

Jason: Thanks

Lubomir: The witch comic will be for an anthology. I'm not sure about the publisher yet.

Chris: Thanks, I'll think about that.

Octavio E. Rodriguez said...


kalonji said...

hey rad,

gosh great sequences, and the expression of the character are really really good !!! love it ^^ thks for your comment on my blog its a pleasure to receive critics from you !!

happy weekend



Aurian said...

I LOVE your work! Super cool. Man, I wish I had time to take your class. All of the notes you have online are awesome.

It was cool hangin' out a little today at Nucleus. Hope we get more chances to chill at some point.

Say "wussup" to Andy for me.